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Advocacy: The Gift of Encouragement

The role of advocacy in the gift of encouragement Advocacy in the broadest sense means public support or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.  An advocate can be someone who makes a case on someone else's behalf.   I see advocacy as willingly showing up for another human being and...

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Spiritual Counselling

Lessons from A Course in Miracles

The world we live in trains people for reliance on one’s judgement and sees it as the criterion for maturity and strength.  A Course in Miracles (ACIM) curriculum trains people for the relinquishment of judgement because it sees it as a necessary condition for salvation. Love and Fear Around...

lessons from a course in miracles(ACIM)
Spiritual Counselling

I believe in you

Have you ever experienced a real low spot in your life and wondered how you were going to get back on your feet again? Or, how you're going to feel happiness or joy again?  Maybe you've wondered what it might take for you to be able to experience the feeling of self-respect again.

i believe in you

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I promise to gently guide you through this emotional time and to create and deliver a ceremony that truly reflects the life of your loved one.


I am authorised to legally marry couples.  I create and perform personalised marriage ceremonies to ensure that your wedding ceremony is as unique as your relationship.

Significant Occasions

You may have some wonderful ideas for an amazing and memorable ceremony.  Let me help you turn your most creative thoughts into reality.

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Your Ceremony-Your Way!

Caroline was like an angel sent into my life.  I would panic about things and even though we never met, she reassured me and enveloped me with love.  I always knew I would feel less stressed when I contacted her.  The compassion I got was enormous.  I felt that I could relax when she was helping me.  Caroline is an amazing woman that God sent into my life.  I couldn’t go through it alone but with her on my side I felt comforted and protected. I’m just blessed to have had Caroline in my life. "

Anne Mc Kiernan

"When I first met Caroline, I was nervous, afraid, felt lost and felt that nobody was listening to me.  After my first meeting with Caroline, I felt worthy, and felt a happy feeling I had not felt in a long time.  Caroline is warm, kind, true and empathetic.  She has a gift of lifting people’s spirits that are at an all time low.  I could write a full page about the beautiful person that she is and how welcome she made me feel.  She genuinely listens and cares about people and helps people who are feeling low to realise…yes, I am somebody, yes, I deserve to be listened to".

Pam Rossiter

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