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Same Sex Marriage

I vividly remember how pleased I felt in May 2015 when Ireland became the first country to approve same sex marriage by popular vote.  It truly was a day to remember.  There was over a 60% turnout of people in Ireland to ensure that the 'Yes' vote was confirmed at 62% against 38% on the 'No'...


Advocacy: The Gift of Encouragement

The role of advocacy in the gift of encouragement Advocacy in the broadest sense means public support or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.  An advocate can be someone who makes a case on someone else's behalf.   I see advocacy as willingly showing up for another human being and...

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Spiritual Counselling

Lessons from A Course in Miracles

The world we live in trains people for reliance on one’s judgement and sees it as the criterion for maturity and strength.  A Course in Miracles (ACIM) curriculum trains people for the relinquishment of judgement because it sees it as a necessary condition for salvation. Love and Fear Around...

lessons from a course in miracles(ACIM)
Spiritual Counselling

I believe in you

Have you ever experienced a real low spot in your life and wondered how you were going to get back on your feet again? Or, how you're going to feel happiness or joy again?  Maybe you've wondered what it might take for you to be able to experience the feeling of self-respect again.

i believe in you

The Death of a Parent

Regardless of what age we are, or how worldly and mature we may be, there is still an inner child in every one of us – seen or not. And, that inner child needs to be treated compassionately and sensitively when their parent dies. The inner child is that aspect of us who still sees their parents through the eyes of the child within.

death of a parent

Wedding Options?

What Type of Marriage Ceremony to have? Inviting your ‘inner child’ to be part of your wedding ceremony.   You’ve set the date for your wedding and now you’re wondering what type of ceremony you’d like to have on your special day. The options are endless! One wedding ceremony that I...

what type of marriage ceremony to have

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